Membership Update

2018-2019 Membership as of 11/1/2018

359 Members (35 New, 324 Renewals)

2,173 Subscribers to our Email List

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Membership Benchmarks

696 Members 2017 - 18 Season

654 Members 2016 - 17 Season

675 Members 2015 - 16 Season

674 Members 2014 - 15 Season

758 Members 2013 - 14 Season

539 Members 2012 - 13 Season

549 Members 2011 - 12 Season

335 Members 2010 - 11 Season


The Jacket Backers is an independent non-profit organization established by our members to support the Columbus Blue Jackets, its Foundation and its endeavors.  Some bus trips, passengers must be age 21 and over, while some trips may allow minors.  Some Game Watching Parties (if at age restricted locations) are for ages 21 and over. Family members are welcome and encouraged to join us at age appropriate events and games.  

Dues for the 2018-2019 season are:


  • $15 for an individual membership (age 21+)
  • $25 for a joint membership (age 21+) 
  • $10 each for junior members (under 21).


Memberships for the 2018-2019 season are valid until August 31, 2019.

Club Policies:

Confidentiality Policy: Your personal information may be shared with other club members unless you request otherwise. We will only use your information for club business, and will not pass your personal information on to any other organization or third party. Club members agree to abide by these guidelines.

Code of Conduct: As a Club Member, it is each person’s duty to recognize that he or she is a representative for the Jacket Backers Booster Club and it is also each individual’s responsibility to project a favorable image in order not to discredit the Club or the Blue Jackets Team and Organization. Should the "Code of Conduct" be disregarded by anyone, action by the Club Officers will be taken.

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