Q: What is Bigger Than Two Busses??
Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 1:03PM
Jacket Backers in Travel

A:  The number of people that want to go to Nashville with the Jacket Backers!

Q:  What do you do when your 2nd Bus almost sells out in 10 days?

A:  You call and get a third bus!

Q:   What do you do when your hotel says it can't sell you any more rooms?

A:  You call another hotel and get rooms there!

That's right, The Jacket Backers have lined up a 3rd bus to go to Nashville on 11/19!

Q:  So what do we need now?

A:  We need you to sign up now and fill up that 3rd bus!

Q:  But what if you don't want to/can't go on the bus?

A:  You purchase a ticket in our block and cheer our team to victory!

Q:  But what if you can't go to Nashville?

A:  You scream at the television, "LET'S GO JACKETS"!


*****UPDATE 9/12/11:  The 2nd bus is sold out.  We have all of the pieces in place to add a third bus.  We are currently taking deposits to commit to a third bus.  Due to the demand for our trip, we couldn't get any more rooms at the Hampton Inn and Suites but have reserved enough rooms at the Best Western to accommodate the 3rd bus.  The Best Western is also walkable to the arena and Broadway (.33 miles).  END OF UPDATE *******

You can read about the full trip details below.  "Tickets only" are $60 each.

To save your seats today, make payment arrangements or request additional information, email us at travel@jacketbackers.org

To make a payment, mail us a check or money order to:

Jacket Backers Booster Club
PO Box 82589
Columbus, OH  43202


Or pay via PayPal below.  Thanks for traveling with the Jacket Backers to support our team!

Nashville Road Trip 11/19/2011


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