Nashville Trip Update - Ticket Only Option Now Available
Monday, August 15, 2011 at 6:45PM
Brian Maurer in Travel

While we are still focusing on the bus trip, we have heard from many members that they were already targeting a Nashville victory on November 19.  And frankly, who wouldn't want to be there to see that?  Many have already made travel arrangements, others want to be there more than one night.  You spoke, we listened.  We now have a total of 90 tickets in Nashville, including a block of 80 tickets in Club Level Sections 222 and 223 and an additional 10 tickets in the Lower Bowl Section 115 (only 1 Lower Bowl seat remaining).  So that will leave 44 tickets available as "Tickets Only".  Tickets are $60 for members and $85 for non-members (that's right, it would be much cheaper to join for $10).

So however you get to Nashville, you'll be able to celebrate breaking that string of bad luck with friendly fans.

Contact today to make arrangements to purchase your tickets or bus package as both options are going fast.  The bus is almost halfway full and a bunch of ticket only options were snapped up at Cannonfest.  And also a reminder to those of you that are doing the math and know that you can probably drive to Nashville and split a room for less money - don't forget to add in the cost of a chauffeur to make it a fair comparison.  And the bus ride is kind of like a 6 hour mini Cannonfest of its own.

For PayPal payment, select desired option from dropdown list and then click on Buy Now to pay; you can then edit your quantity if purchasing more than one seat.

Nashville Road Trip 11/19/2011
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