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Sweden CBJ Tickets Already On Sale! - UPDATED INFORMATION


A number of you have been talking about and asking about traveling to the Jackets Season Opener in Sweden this October.  The Jackets will face the San Jose Sharks at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, on Friday, October 8th and Saturday, October 9th, 2010.  Click here for more information from the NHL on the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere.
I had spoken to the Blue Jackets when the dates of the games were officially announced inquiring about ticket availability and seeing if there would be any way for us to get group tickets.  I was advised that most of the tickets would be handled by local promoters and that each team would be given a small allotment, and that they did not have any information on tickets to share.  I was then advised that if they received any information about ticket availability, that they would be sure to share it with us.  The event has been planned and promoted by the league rather than the individual teams.
One of our club members has since advised me that tickets actually went on sale in Sweden for the games starting Thursday night.
At the advice of our contact at the Jackets, I have attempted to contact the NHL League Offices to inquire about obtaining tickets and wound up having to leave a message for someone without receiving a reply on Friday.  I will continue to try to contact them, but it doesn't look like they really want to help us with this.
Therefore, if you are planning on going to Sweden, it looks like your best bet may be to try to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster Sweden.  The lowest priced tickets start at around $100 U.S. dollars each with current conversion rates.
My husband Brian and I attempted to purchase tickets on the site using our debit card, though, and were unsuccessful; the system did not recognize our card number as a valid card number.  I do not know if it was because it was a Master Card branded debit card rather than a credit card, or if there is something about a U.S. issued card that would not work on the site.  I have never traveled outside the U.S. and Canada so I unfortunately don't have experience dealing with credit card usage outside the North American area.
Please email me at president@jacketbackers.org if you have been successful in purchasing tickets through the site, or if you have any tips on what might work.  You should act soon if you are interested in going; apparently last year's game sold out in an hour.  This year's games are not moving as quickly, and tickets are still available as of this moment.
Also, if you are planning on going to Sweden and would like to be in contact with other Jacket Backers that are planning to go, shoot me an email and I will share your info with each other.  Not sure yet if Brian and I will be able to make it, but we would sure love to!




For those of you interested in the trip to Sweden to follow the Jackets for their season opener, please read more below:

I have learned from CBJ season sales account executives that the CBJ is now working on a ticket and travel package trip to be offered to PSL/Season Ticket Holders.  No information on travel dates, details on what all is included, or pricing yet available.  Package details most likely will be released along with ticket renewal packages, which will be sent at the end of this month.  The Jackets are offering only a total travel package, so any travelers who are seeking tickets only must purchase them directly from Ticketmaster Sweden/TicNet.  If I am able to learn more details before the trip package is released to the PSL/Season Ticket Holders, I will be sure to pass them along.


TO PURCHASE TICKETS ONLY - I have received information from two members on how to accomplish this.  We have learned that Ticketmaster Sweden/TicNet will not accept US credit cards of any kind as payment for the tickets.  The only method of payment is through a bank wire payment method, which will be detailed below.  Here are details on the purchasing experiences of the members for your information.  Also, I received some tips on using bank check cards at ATMs while out of country from another member, and will include that below as well.  Thank you so much to those of you who have shared your tips and experiences - I really appreciate it and I'm sure the other interested members will too.  I have learned a lot of helpful information.  Good luck planning your trips and I hope to see some of you there! - Julie Maurer


**Member Experience 1 while getting tickets:

I was able to obtain tickets for the October 8th and 9th Bluejackets - Sharks game in Stockholm, but it wasn't easy.  Here is the only way according to Ticketmaster Sweden or TicNet that you can get tickets in the US.

1.) Call Ticketmaster Sweden or TicNet at 011 46 771 707070. Push 9 for English language and wait for a customer service representative.  I had to wait 5 - 10 minutes before they answered.

2.) Order your tickets.  It would be smart to go out to the www.ticnet.se and find out what ticket prices are and what ticket sections you would like to have. Once you have done this with the TicNet customer service representative, he/she will give you a Booking #, Swift Code, Ibank#, the ticket total amount in Swedish Krones and the Sweden bank name and location information for you to wire the money to.  You will have to go to your bank with the above information and wire the amount to this bank.  TicNet will hold your ticket order for you for 1-2 days before letting the tickets go.

3.) The Booking # is your order number for your tickets and that number must be on the wire along with the Swift Code, Ibank#, Sweden Bank Name/Address, TicNet Name/Address information and your name and mailing shipping address.

I used my local First Merit Bank on Sawmill Road and they seemed to know how to do this without too much of a problem.


**Member Experience 2 while getting tickets:

I called Tic.net in Sweden.  They cannot take US cc's even on the phone.  BUT, they took a reservation by phone, and I have to go to my bank and make a payment bank to bank, which we are doing today.

Phone #   +46771707070 , be prepared to wait.  Took me 20+ minutes to get to an operator.   Tho, I use skype, so it was only a 1.50 call.


  - He received the following info back from Ticnet:

Please can you send me back information about your address.

Pay SEK latest February 17 and we will send you the tickets as soon as we have received your money. You also have to write your booking number,  your name and address.

Bank: 5291-1006135

Swiftcode; ESSESESS


106 40 Stockholm




Ticnet AB

Box 450

573 25 Tranås

Kind Regards

Mona Nilsson


  - He has since completed the transaction at his bank and is very excited about the upcoming trip!


**Member Tips on Using Bank Check Cards out of Country

My husband and I are international travelers and there is no problem using a bank check card (with the VISA logo) to get money out of the ATM. (We have always used major credit cards in stores & restaurants though). You get the most current currency conversion rate. It is a pain to carry traveler's checks. I am not sure if it is the same with a check card with the MASTERCARD logo. Also, VISA is accepted in more places than MASTERCARD is. The suggestion to let your bank know your dates of travel is very helpful so they don't block any charges.




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