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January Message from Membership Chair David Yatsco

Welcome Jacket Backers,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope everyone got what they were hoping for on Christmas and more. The New Year has just begun and so far so good. I’m not good at making resolutions so I’m not going to start now. My only wish for this year is that the Jackets finish as one of the top 8 teams in the Western Conference.
As I have said in the past, this year is a rollercoaster ride. The month of December has been no exception. Our loss to Dallas on the road did not get decided on the ice but in the ivory tower of Toronto. Manny Malholta’s goal in overtime is overturned by Toronto because they said he kicked the puck into the net. Ultimately, we lost in the shootout.
As we close out 2008 and welcome in 2009, I believe the Jackets are playing their best hockey so far this year. Despite our loss to St Louis on the road, you cannot deny the impressive victories and consecutive shutouts over Philadelphia at home and Los Angeles and Anaheim on the road. Add to that a dominating victory over Colorado on the road and you can see the potential of our team. 
The Jackets have defeated every team in the NHL at least once when they beat Philadelphia on December 27th. Congratulations go out to Steve Mason again for being the rookie player of the month for December. This may be the first time in NHL history where the rookie of the month has come from the same team for three consecutive months. 
We have an exclusive opportunity to skate on the Nationwide ice on Wednesday, January 28th. The cost is FREE. If you have skates, bring them. If you need skates, they will be provided free. Bring your family and your friends for an experience you will not forget.
The trip to Buffalo turned out to be an awesome road trip. I can’t give out to much detail but I can say there were no international incidents reported when some travelers decided to go to Niagara Falls. We met up with some of our Syracuse backers to enjoy a 6 to 1 thumping of the Sabers. It does help to have a Buffalo icon as one of your TV announcers. Apparently, the Backers found a bar and celebrated the victory well into the night. The trip also included a stop to Syracuse to watch our Triple-A Crunch team play. The Syracuse arena was featured in the classic hockey movie, Slap Shot. In fact, the jersey number worn by Paul Newman has been retired and is hanging in the rafters.
As the season progresses we are witnessing the Jackets mature and gel as one solid unit. Rick Nash on occasion can single-handedly carry this team but you can see other players making the big play or stepping up their game when it counts. Nash is finding the open man and is passing the puck. He is assisting the defense and playing all out on the penalty kill. He is growing before our eyes and is becoming the multi-dimensional player we knew he could be. Everyone is getting involved in the scoring. That’s a good sign to see. Every line can and has put the puck in the back of the net. Our defense has improved from last year. Our forwards are getting more involved and are back checking our opponents off the puck as they try to move the puck down ice. Our defensemen have been able to battle through injuries and give stellar performances in assisting our goaltenders. Shutouts do not just happen. These guys are blocking shots before they get to our goaltenders. They are hustling to clear the puck and are effectively moving the puck to our forwards. As for goaltending, what can I say? Injuries to our top goaltenders forced a change. Steve Mason has stepped up to the task. 
This has been an exciting first half of the season. The second half is only going to get better. 
Here’s to playing hockey in June

The Jacket Backers 

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