Next Planning Meeting


Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 6:30 pm

LOCATION:  Panera Bread
6665 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin, OH 43017

 RSVP preferred to Julie at so we can save you a seat!

Membership Update

2013-14 Membership as of 8/27/14

728 (273 New and 455 Renewals)

1,446 Subscribers to our Email List

Membership Benchmarks

539 Members 2012 - 13 Season

549 Members 2011 - 12 Season

335 Members 2010 - 11 Season

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At Nationwide Arena

Stop by the Jacket Backers Table at Every Home Game!

It is usually located behind section 116, near the escalator from the McConnell Street Entrance, but may be relocated on a game-by-game basis at the Jackets' request.  Feel free to stop by at any game with your questions, comments or just to see what is going on with the Jacket Backers.

Community Power Play

$1,700 Raised This Season for The Blue Jackets Foundation!

The Blue Jackets' 62 Power Play Goals mean $1,400 donated by the Jacket Backers plus an additional $300 of generous donations collected for the CBJ Foundation.  Thank you for your support!

Buffalo Bus Trip 1/18/2014

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 Jacket Backers Booster Club

Nomination and Election Procedures



  • Nominations shall be opened approximately one month prior to the NHL Draft.
  • To be eligible for nomination you must be a member in good standing.
  • You may nominate yourself or someone other than yourself.
    • When nominating yourself it is assumed that the nomination is accepted.
    • When nominating someone other than yourself, the nomination must be accepted by the nominee.
  • Officers must be nominated and elected as individuals.
  • Two people may be nominated and elected together as Co-Committee Chairs.
  • Nominations can be made by email to or in person to the President or Secretary.
  • Nominations remain open for a given position up to the election of that position.

Election Procedures
  • The time of the elections to be conducted will be near the entry draft and sufficiently prior to the announcement of the NHL schedule to allow the new officers and committee chairs to begin planning for the upcoming season.
  • All current members in attendance at the elections are eligible to vote.
  • The election will be conducted by the President and Secretary.
    • When the President or Secretary are involved in a vote or unavailable, a suitable fill in will be named.
  • A final call will be made for nominations for the position to be elected.
  • An accepted nominee does not need to be present at the election.
  • Nominees will be allowed to make a brief statement.
  • Voters will be allowed to ask questions of the nominees.
  • It will be assumed that a nominee will vote for themself.
  • A nominee must receive a simple majority of members present to win the election.
    • When multiple candidates are running for a position and no majority is reached, runoff elections will be had as necessary.
    • When single candidates are running for a position and no majority is reached, that position will remain vacant.
  • When a single candidate is running for a position the vote will be conducted by “closed eyes, raised hands”.
  • When multiple candidates are running for a position, the vote will be conducted by paper ballot.
  • At the conclusion of the elections, if any offices remain vacant, a final call for nominations for the vacant positions will be made and voted on as necessary.
  • The existing and newly elected officers and committee chairs will determine a time and place to conduct the next officers meeting.
  • The newly elected officers and committee chairs will become empanelled at the conclusion of the next officers meeting.

The 2014 – 2015 elected officers and committee chairs will be (in order of election): 
  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Assistant Secretary
  6. Assistant Treasurer
  7. Membership Chair
  8. Arena Table Coordinator
  9. Activities Chair
  10. Communications/Social Media Chair
  11. Travel Chair
  12. Technical Chair
  13. Community Service Chair
  14. Marketing/Promotions Chair
  15. Creative Director
  16. Merchandising/Playoffs Chair
  17. Regional Chapter Coordinator
  18. Officer-at-Large